Sunday, May 13, 2007

Judicial Prudence or Judicial Prejudice

by Westside Gazette's Editorial Board
Westside Gazette
Originally posted 5/9/2007

No Humans Involved (NHI) was the reply given

Assessing whether or not a judge is operating in a spirit of equality, justice and fairness is not an arduous task. It merely requires us to observe their conduct and record while serving on the bench. Most actions, comments and decisions made by judges become public information. Yet, we are usually astonished when judicial misconduct is exposed.

Judicial misconduct encompasses acts of personal moral misdeeds as well as prejudicial decisions.

Judicial misconduct is as putrid as an act of high treason. It is a repulsive and rancid act of betrayal against our democratic society. Especially since an oath of office is administered to every judge. As a matter of fact, the president of the United States, senators, congressmen and other governmental officials take oaths before assuming their duties. An oath is more than a mere formality that adds to the pageantry of an office or promotion ceremony - it provides a foundation for leadership decisions. [MORE]

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